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29 December 2009 @ 01:03 pm
Cosplays for 2009  
I had a lot of fun with cosplay's this year.  I made a TON of new friends and had such a great time.

Midna was a blast to wear, and being painted blue is a fun experience. (Tekkoshocon 2009)

Mai was a fun cosplay, and was a first real attempt at styling a wig. (Tekkoshocon, KuroKiiro Festival 2009)

Yoko was a BLAST to wear. I'll hopefully have my gun finished when I do her other versions :) (Colossalcon 2009)

I got my wig for my Odette cosplay in the mail the other day, I'm just waiting to get pictures done and she'll be added.

Without further ado.....Cosplay's for 2009-In Retrospect.


2010 Cosplay Plans:

Bellatrix Lestrange-Harry Potter
Yoko Ritona (TimeSkip) Gurren Lagann
Yoko Ritona (Bounty Hunter) Gurren Lagann
Padme-Star Wars
Asoka-Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Urd-Ah My Goddess

Thanks everyone for making 2009 an awesome cosplay/convention year! See you in 2010!

xmichiko_chanxxmichiko_chanx on February 3rd, 2010 12:25 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks!

If my next post doesn't show up for you again i'll fiddle with it some more, i'll be posting about Ohayocon here in the next few days :)